Straight to Eternity: Onoma Series Prequel Novella

Onoma Series Prequel Novella

Coming Fall 2022

About This Book

Fifteen years before the Onoma Series begins, the lives of two dissimilar characters collide, and they choose to trust a higher plan and work together to change the course of history. Christina Straight, a Life Therapist sentenced to serve six months in a prison for Efficientists women meets Jonah Goodman the Third, a young Colonial man who has just lost everything. A retired researcher, Matthew Coughlin, who helped develop the World Government’s secret weapon has a hidden weapon of his own, and he uses it to formulate a two-part plan in a future hope to take down the World Government’s tyranny. Now it is Christina’s and Jonah’s task to ensure that the first part of this plan succeeds. However, they both must take risks and overcome past pains to move forward into a destiny that will alter the fate of millions for eternity.


“Make up your mind to live differently; praise your way to victory; give God the construction project; and understand that your history is not your destiny.”

– Joyce Meyer