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Straight to Eternity: Onoma Series Prequel Novella

Onoma Series Prequel Novella

ISBN: 9781733433396

About This Book

Neil Elder punishes Life Therapist, Christina Straight, for withholding patient information by sending her to the Colonies to serve six months in a women’s prison. However, she soon discovers that her punishment becomes a pathway to discovering valuable intelligence and a renewed purpose. At the young age of seventeen, Jonah Goodmen lost everything. Still, with the help of a dying man, he and Christina Straight work together to accomplish a plan that sets a foundation for future strategies of resistance to worldwide exploitation and corruption. Will Jonah have time to become a man who will stand with a group of chosen comrades against a World Government bent on control?


2022 Best Indie Book Award Winner for Christian Novella
2022 Page Turner Award Writing Finalist Novella